SUN Mobility and SmartE partner to transform EV adoption in the country

Imagine a FUTURE where…

Urban transport is run entirely on renewable energy, making travel lighter on your pocket, time saving and conscience.
Mobility is fuelled by smarter solutions that are economically feasible and not reliant on subsidies.
We can live and breathe a cleaner, less polluted world for ourselves and future generations.

Pushing the Frontiers

The core team behind SUN Mobility is involved in designing innovative solutions for Electric Vehicles (EV) and clean energy for more than two decades to create a fully electric mobility ecosystem. We have leveraged our vast knowledge and experience acquired from working with fleet operators, shared mobility providers, state transport undertakings, and, automotive OEMs to create viable, scalable, economical, cleaner and, smarter mobility solutions for the world.

EVs - long considered to be an alternate solution to the urban mobility crisis - have not been adopted on a large-scale due to deterrents such as:

High upfront cost

High cost

The battery cost of EVs make them substantially expensive than Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles.

Long charging time

Long charging

EVs normally take 8 hours to charge and upto 1 to 2 hours for a fast charge. However, both options are still long drawn.

Equivalent infra


ICE vehicles have a strong supportive refuelling infrastructure; a similar charging infrastructure for EVs is not widespread.

Range Anxiety

Range Anxiety/
Limited Range

Concerns around EVs not being a fit for varied driving conditions.

Shaping the Future of Mobility

We develop customised solutions for India's changing mobility needs.

The challenges in India's urban transportation are unique and require a tailor-made solution. As specialists in the field of electric mobility and renewable energy we have created an open-architecture, 'Smart Mobility' model deployable across multiple vehicle platforms – 2 and 3 wheelers, cars and buses. This "Made in India" solution tackles four main roadblocks in mass EV adoption like high costs, long charging time, equivalent infrastructure, and range anxiety.


Our business model separates the battery from the vehicle making EVs financially viable for the first time. The modular Smart Batteries™ are smaller, lighter, and swiftly swappable confronting long-charging time. The strength of our intelligent and connected batteries along with our Quick Interchange Stations Network, creates a convenient refuelling infrastructure, faster and cheaper than existing petrol and diesel pumps for ICE vehicles.

Our Quick Interchange Station™ too are easy-to-install, require limited space, and work on a pay-as-you go model. This interconnected, intelligent system powered by renewable energy will be tracked by a Smart Network. This end-to-end solution accelerates the mass adoption of EVs for the first time and is a step closer to our vision to transit urban transportation to a sustainable world creating an impact.

Our quick interchange station for 3 and 2 wheelers is modular, intelligent and connected. The QIS is multi-platform compatible for E-bike, E-auto and an E- rickshaw. It allows the vehicles for a quick swap in 1-minute. The station is easy to use you can just swap the battery with a fully charged smart battery with minimal waiting time. The QIS supports digital payments on a pay-as-you-go basis. Our quick interchange station are convenient and easy to install. Read More

SUN Mobility Key Differentiators

Smart Batteries™

The batteries are durable, compact, and light-weight which makes them swappable.
Connected to the Smart Network optimizes the battery health which makes them upgradable.
Modular and flexible, batteries are adaptable to multiple vehicle platforms.

Quick Interchange Stations™

Fast refueling
Fast Refuelling
The batteries can be swapped in just a few minutes; faster than refuelling vehicles.
The swapping station has integrated charging and thermal management, ensuring batteries are always available.
Optimised real-estate
Optimised Real Estate
The modular and flexible station can be set up in a day and require 10-20 times lesser space to charge electric vehicle fleets.

Smart Network

It operates like the current fossil fuel-based system where you pay only for the energy you use. The payment system is completely digitally enabled.
The network detects the batteries state of charge and automatically locates the closest station.
Secure and Intelligent
It monitors the battery and station, which are IoT enabled and linked to an app. The Smart Network provides real-time feedback to customers and fleet owners.

Our Partners in Sustainable Mobility

Our partnership with various OEMs gives them a winning edge in many ways. By separating the battery from the vehicle, electric vehicles become cost-neutral for the first time as compared to the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles. Additionally, our Smart Battery™ technology integrated to a network of Quick Interchange Stations™, supports a fast refuelling infrastructure that is faster and more convenient than any other available option at electrical charging or petrol and diesel stations.

We look forward to working with Automotive OEMs, Energy and infrastructure providers, Fleet operators and Smart Cities to accelerate electric vehicle adoption. Do reach out to us at

Partnership with Piaggio

Partnership with Ashok Leyland


SUN Mobility partners with Microsoft to build Smart Network for its EV energy infrastructure.

SUN Mobility and SmartE partner to transform EV adoption in the country.


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Chetan Maini

Chetan Maini

Co-Founder and Vice-Chairman Chetan holds a BSME from the University of Michigan and MSME from Stanford University. He has over 20+ years of experience in electric, hybrid and solar vehicles & has applied for/been granted over 30 global patents. He founded Reva Electric Car Company (now Mahindra Reva), and is globally acknowledged as a pioneer in Electric vehicles. He played an instrumental role in implementing the EV policy in India; has been recognized with multiple awards by the BBC, Economist, Fast Company, Businessweek etc..
Uday Khemka

Uday Khemka

Co-Founder and Vice-Chairman With over 30+ years of investment and entrepreneurial experience focused on India, Uday helped setting up of WestBridge Capital in India which has now merged with Sequoia Capital. A leader in the new energy sector for over a decade, Uday was Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum; on Board of Governors of Indian School of Business (ISB). He holds an undergraduate degree from Cambridge University & an MBA from Harvard Business School (Baker Scholar).

Ajay Goel

Ajay Goel

Executive Director & COO President of Solar & New Business at Renew Power, India’s leading PE funded renewable IPP, Ajay has over 25+ years of high tech, cleantech, strategy & consulting experience. As the Vice President Operations at SunEdison US, he led acquisition and scale up of solar business globally. Ajay holds an MBA in Finance from Chicago Booth and an Undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.


Our wheel is missing a cog

We are going to transform urban transportation; the way people commute in the future will undergo a complete makeover. We want mobility to be fuelled by clean energy and be electric, shared, connected and clean. Come, join us to make history.

Can you juggle multiple projects with your sharp sense of detail and drive to success? Are you a champion for quality and excellence and not afraid to do what it takes to get there? If you are stirred by a constant desire to usher in change in the world around you, to work for the larger good and make a lasting impact on society, then we'd love to talk. Maybe, you're the missing cog we need!

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Chetan Maini

Chetan Maini

Co-Founder and Vice-Chairman, SUN Mobility
An entrepreneur and technologist, Chetan Maini’s life-long vision has been to craft a sustainable energy infrastructure solution to enable the adoption of clean mobility. Globally acknowledged as a frontrunner in the electric vehicle space, having founded Reva Electric Car Company, an electric vehicle much ahead of its time, Maini has spent over two decades working with electric, hybrid and solar vehicles in USA and India, and holds an enviable 30 or more global patents.

An authority on EVs, he has served on a number of government boards set up to frame EV policies. A director in the Maini Group and co-founder of Virya Mobility 5.0, he is an investor and on the board of multiple clean-tech start-ups. SUN Mobility is a 50:50 joint venture between Virya Mobility 5.0 and Sun New Energy Systems, a subsidiary of London based Sun Group of Companies.
Uday Khemka

Uday Khemka

Co-Founder and Vice-Chairman, SUN Mobility
A visionary, Uday Khemka is committed to creating a world run on renewable energy. Deeply involved in the London based Sun Group's entrepreneurial and principal investment activities in the food and beverage, natural resource, and real estate sectors, Uday is currently focused on building the Group’s clean energy and clean technology platforms. He is helming Sun Energy Systems, the flagship firm of the Sun Group, a company set up to invest in the new energy space.

This company will focus on renewable energy, electric mobility and electric storage. Uday firmly believes that the way the world travels and the fuel we consume will undergo a huge transformation, making the planet a greener one. An expert in the field of solar energy, he is the current Chairman of the Clean Energy Finance Forum, the Solar Rooftop Policy Coalition and a Director of The Climate Group, India.
Ajay Goel

Ajay Goel

Chief Operating Officer, SUN Mobility
Ajay Goel is a Senior Advisor to the SUN Group on its global, clean-tech investments, including renewables, electric mobility and electric storage. He is also COO at SUN Mobility.

With more than 25 years of experience in high-tech and clean energy – primarily solar -- Ajay has extensive expertise in scaling up companies around the world. As President, Solar of ReNew Power Ventures, he successfully cemented their position as a leading, clean energy solutions provider.

At Tata Power Solar, as the CEO, he led the turnaround of their cell and module manufacturing business. He also ramped up a robust solar EPC business in both central and distributed generation. During his 20 year stint in the US, Ajay worked at SunEdison, Brightsource Energy and McKinsey, contributing to strategy, business development, mergers and acquisitions, new product introduction and streamlining operations.